Playstation Seasons

Manchester International Festival

New creatives

New creatives - 12/07/2007

Each week, a group of art students  and post grads from all over the country were given the chance to create their own creative project in response to the festival. They have the skill and creativity to ensure great content, but the freedom to be unconstrained by professional requirements. They had access to some great professional advice and the chance to use some up-to-the-minute technology. Here are their final creations accompanied by comments on events they went to that fed their creativity.

Mancunian view

Mancunian view - 12/07/2007

We wanted to focus on the journey as well as final output, so we enlisted a Manchester-based journo to give some background colour and a bit of humour. He acted as the eyes and ears, getting the reaction from the maddening crowd and putting his review hat on for various gigs around town. He interviewed a selection of artists and civilians to get some unedited reaction to the festival itself. He met some characters and had some mishaps along the way. Click here to read his insight.

Official content

Official content - 12/07/2007

The PlayStation Season at the Manchester International Festival site is our way of creating something unique, something that would filter our involvement at the festival in a way only unconstrained broadcasting could. Each week, four artists collaborated to produce a multimedia exhibition inspired by the acts and performances at the festival. By bringing together different artistic styles – music, poetry, illustration, photography, creative writing – and not stipulating the output, we hope for broadcasting which truly reflects the diversity of the festival. For the festival goers and city dwellers, we set up 3Rooms, an interactive station where we hosted some of our own workshops and events. See all the footage here.