Mancunian view

First Impressions


I ask people how the Manchester International Festival is shaping up for them...

Enjoying a quick cigarette outside the pavilion with “the rest of the Outsiders,” before getting on the coach to the world premiere of Johnny Vegas' new one-man show Interiors, David is a theatre designer by trade. He is currently acting as “company manager and general fixer” for Interiors.

The show, which is about a man who is trying to sell his home, doesn't take place in a theatre but in a real house with an audience of just 20 people at a time. David found the suburban semi where it all happens.

As a local creative working on it, what are your impressions of the festival?

“I think it's been terrific so far,” he enthuses. “The programme is very impressive, the people I've met have been great - and anything you say does seem to filter down and things get done. I think they've really got it together. I'm proud of Manchester for having this.

“It's another giant leap for the city. Sitting in the pavilion the other day, with the sun glistening off this futuristic building, and the Midland twinkling away, I was just thinking to myself, y'know, this is fabulous.”