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Heston Blumenthal Photocall


We had a chance to ask Heston Blumenthal a few questions today in a short interview for the film that accompanies this PlayStation project.

I asked him about his creative processes, as I find it really interesting that you can take something such as cooking and completely disregard all the established rules and ways of doing things. Heston was really engaging and spoke about applying thought processes from outside the frame of reference of a kitchen. For example, applying industrial production processes from the making of plastics to the making of pasta.

I like the idea that all the senses are equally as important in the experience of the dish. I suppose this the same in any composition of differing elements and will apply when we bring our work together for the final piece.

  • Strange yet delicious
  • Heston's summer beach huts
  • Ahoy food lovers!
  • Family fun
  • Heston and the PlayStaion team enjoy the culinary experience
  • Heston Blumenthal 1
  • Heston Blumenthal 2
  • Heston chills out to have a chat to our citizen journalists
  • Heston showcases the treats
  • Heston's summer treat menu
  • Heston's huts
  • Magic happens
  • Mesmerised by the genius
  • Millionaire shortbread
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  • Mmmm green ice cream
  • Mmmm high five
  • Mushy peas for everyone
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  • Summer treats
  • The chefs prepare Hestons mushy pea sorbet
  • The PlayStation team treat themselves
  • This ice cream tastes like peas
  • Toasting the millionaire shortbread
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