New creatives

Final Artistic Piece


On Friday, I spent the day working with Graham Massey recording, editing and arranging the soundscape and score backing the short film Team 1 are creating. The day was extremely interesting and inspiring for me as I am so used to simply sitting down with my manuscript and pencil composing, and not using recording techniques, sequencers and computer programs to create a score. The program we used was Logic, and after Grahams introduction, I am most definitely going to use the program in the future.

The creation of the score began with going out into the city and recording city sounds, either authentic or created, for example, hitting railings. I then took these sounds and manipulated them with Graham using Logic.

The other level of the score is the Saxophone solo. I decided to create a pitch series based on the number seven (as we are in 2007) and then improvised using this series alongside extended techniques such as multiphonics whilst Graham recorded. Composing in this manner is a very new experience for me, and I feel that the end result certainly suits the style of the film and images it accompanies.

I thoroughly enjoyed my day with Graham. I learned a new way of approaching composition which I will definitely be incorporating into some of my future works.

By Laura Bowler